Alcohol Cannabis Oil (ACO) Process

What is ACO?

        ACO or Alcohol Cannabis Oil is Green Brothers Farm’s highly concentrated form of full plant extract cannabis oil made using 200 proof organic alcohol as the solvent. The extraction process is similar to other types of concentrates with a few significant differences. The two most important differences are the solvent used and the temperatures we reach and/or maintain during the process.


        The solvent we use to strip the plant of its precious cannabinoids and terpenes is 200 proof organic alcohol. Alcohol does the best job of stripping the cannabinoids from the plant in the same proportions as the flower you start with. This gives the user a complete plant extract and provides them with the full “entourage effect.” Other cannabis concentrates are made using CO2, butane, propane, heptane or even Naphtha (paint thinner). All cannabis oil processes include a step to remove the solvent left after the plant material has been stripped. However, all finished concentrates (including ACO) contain a very small amount of residual solvent in the final product. It is just impossible to remove every last drop. We believe that ANY amount of a toxic chemical is too much! The benefit of Green Brothers Farms ACO is that any residual solvent left in the oil is pure organic alcohol, not a toxic chemical!


         High temperatures and extremely low temperatures are both used in making our ACO. Electric elements are used for heating while liquid nitrogen and sub-zero freezers are used for cooling. Throughout our extensive research and testing during the development stage, we discovered that by using the correct temperature at the correct time, we could produce a concentrate that contains an almost identical ratio of beneficial cannabinoids as marijuana flower, creating a true “Full Plant Extract.”